Pastor Nominating Committee Information

Pastor Nominating Committee


Things are really moving fast for us on the PNC. Sometimes we are meeting

as often as twice a week and they are busy meetings. We have seen a lot of

applications from pastor candidates and we have even more to look at and

review. This looking and reviewing process is called discernment. It is

where we review what a minister has to say and what his or her leadership

qualities are in order to see if they are compatible with us. After we have

fully studied the Personal Information Form (PIF), then, as a group, we

make a decision as to whether or not we want to continue on with this


(MIF)? It is on our church’s website. Just go to, then

go to the menu tab at the top, open and click on “resources” and go to

“pastor search.”

We have just begun the interview process with some of the pastors. We ask

them questions and they in turn ask questions of us. Our first interview was

this week and another interview is scheduled for next week. All of these

meetings are done by Zoom and it is surprisingly efficient.

Overall, this system of choosing a pastor has been very effective for us to

follow. We have had many PIFs to look at and review. We are all very

pleased with the time and guidance our executive presbyter, Melanie

Hancock, has given to us. She has offered us gentle guidance and answered

many questions that we have had. It is also handy for us to have Steve

Skrzypek, our lay pastor, on the committee. He has given us invaluable

insights into a minister’s point of view.

We have a great team of members and we are working very hard for you. As

always, feel free to call any of us with questions or concerns.

Steve Skrzypek, Charlie Bates, Margaret Jones, Tina Gannaway, Roger

Dallam, Marge Ahrens and Sue Fackler.

Church Leadership Connection - The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


Mif #: 02908.AD0 Ministry General Information    Ministry Number 02908

Ministry NameWestminster Presbyterian Church

Mailing Address - 1275 SW Boswell Avenue Topeka , KS 66604

Phone (785) 357-0339


Ministry Size101-250 members

Ethnic Composition

American Indian or Alaskan Native 1%

Asian 2%

White 95%

Other 2%

Average Worship Attendance - 70

Church School Attendance - 30

Curriculum - Various Presbyterian Approved Curriculum




Community Type - Urban


Information about the position

Position: Solo Pastor

Experience Required: 0 to 2 Years

Employment Status: Full-time

Language Requirements: English

Statement of Faith Required: True


Church Leadership Connection - The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Living God’s love, come join us.

What is the congregation’s or organization’s vision for ministry:


The minister that accepts the call to serve Westminster may feel a bit like Jonah: Why am I being sent here? Our cavernous, 100-year-old church barely musters 70 people on Sunday mornings. We conduct far more funerals than baptisms. Even so, Westminster is like a fire that continues burning strongly as from its beginning. In order to stay relevant to the citizens of Topeka we added an elevator through a capital campaign. Recently our congregation voted unanimously to commit a significant portion of our endowment funds to stoke the fire of ministry to which God is calling us.


We remain in a community greatly in need of love, and Westminster, despite the age and size of its membership, has love to give. We believe that hunger aptly describes our hurting world. We want to find new ways to “welcome the stranger” and feed them with the food they need physically, emotionally and spiritually. We love God, we love each other, and we love our surrounding neighborhood. We simply need a good leader to guide us in discovering how to share that love with our community and our world.

How do you feel called to reach out to address the emerging needs of your community or constituency:


Westminster was built in 1925 with the community in mind as noted by our gym, our industrial kitchen, and many meeting rooms. In our attempt to model the apostle Paul and be all things to all people we have become involved in numerous ministries, but we realize we need to better harness our congregation’s energy by inviting God to set us on a path where we will better meet the current and emerging needs of our ever changing world.


We are surrounded by several diverse neighborhoods of which we feel called to play an active role through collaborating with organizations supporting those with special needs. Such needs might range from complex issues like substance abuse and addiction to more simple ones such as life stages and loneliness. We are currently floating like a ship on open water with no horizon to aim for, but it is important we go where God calls us and so our pastor has an opportunity to help guide us into that calling.

How will this position help you to reach your vision and mission goals:


Mission to the community is a core value of long-standing tradition in our congregation. Changes in our community and world find us in need of guidance to redefine mission and our part in it. We know that our mission needs clarification and focus in order to make a greater impact and better utilize our smaller congregation.


We are interested in new ways to grow spiritually. We support loving and caring ministries for our community, but we are slowly losing members and not successful in attracting new ones. We have a strong history of feeding people physically, but need help feeding them spiritually. We have a strong history of rich traditional reformed worship worth sharing. We have the faith, the commitment and financial means to move forward and make a difference. We are excited to work with our new pastor to discover a new vision of what our mission is, and new ministries to carry it out.


We are looking for a new minister that understands how important our church is to us who can bring a new sense of vitality so we can continue our call of radiating God's grace, mercy, and love throughout the Topeka community. The pastor can best provide this hope, vitality, and vision of a new mission through servant leadership by working as a partner with the congregation.

Provide a description of the characteristics needed by the person who is open to being called to this congregation and or organization:


Church Leadership Connection - The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Presbyterians can often be called “the frozen chosen” and so we are looking for a warm and caring pastor who models a deep and spiritual faith. Sometimes we forget to attend to our spiritual needs and need reminding. As a teaching elder our pastor will share a weekly sermon that thoughtfully motivates and inspires us in a way that is both timely and relevant for today’s world. All congregations have conflict, and we are no exception, so being skilled at crucial conversations on an individual level and also when moderating a meeting will be beneficial to us and to you, our pastor. Jesus spoke the truth but he also did it with love.


Our pastor should be


• A polished speaker

• A lifelong learner who values continuing education • Strong in interpersonal and small group skills

• Patient

• Confident

• Honest in relationships • Compassionate

• Faithful • Inclusive


We are searching for a pastor who can be creative and innovative to help us with our challenges of reaching out into the community, especially as we adapt to the realities of this Covid-19 pandemic: one who is forward looking and optimistic, a visionary to see potential entrepreneurial opportunities, and flexible enough to be open to new ideas. Above all, Westminster needs a pastor who understands the emotional effort introducing change can have on a congregation and yet is energetic enough to struggle through it with us every day, week, or month.

What specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?


Westminster’s pastor will be expected to


• Plan and lead worship by preparing sermons as well as working with the music director to finalize music selections. • Provide pastoral care to the congregation including hospital and shut-in visits.

• Provide spiritual leadership for the congregation, the Session and Deacons.

• Moderate the Session and attend Council and Deacon meetings as needed to serve as a resource.

• Facilitate lay leadership at the Session and Council levels to create a partnership in achieving Westminster’s goals. • Work with Session and Finance Council to create a plan for a year-round commitment to stewardship.

• Train newly elected officers and assist in preparing persons for membership and mission.

• Work with the Session, Deacons and Councils to implement programs which support a strong faith-based community. • Serve as head of staff.

• Officiate at weddings and funerals and other special worship services. • Be present at special functions as requested by lay leadership.

• Fulfill responsibility to the Presbytery and the greater Church.

Optional Links:


Facebook at westminsterpresbyterianchurchtopeka


Leadership Competencies: Compassionate


Church Leadership Connection

The Call System for the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


Preaching and Worship Leadership

Spiritual Maturity


Change Agent


Willingness to Engage Conflict

Strategy and Vision


Interpersonal Engagement


Compensation and Housing: Cost of Living Calculator

Minimum Effective Salary: $68,000

Housing Type: Housing Allowance









Phone Numbers



Melanie Hancock

PO Box 3287, Salina, KS 67402-3287


General Prebyter

Patrick Yancey

1815 NE 39th, Topeka, KS 66617


Commission ed Lay Pastor First Presbyterian, Topeka

Bill Gannaway III

3902 SW Clarion Park Drive, Topeka, KS 66610


Church Member


Has the Pastor Nominating Committee and Search committee affirmed its intention to follow the Form Of Government in this regard?


Version Track Info: This MIF was last updated on 07/06/2020

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