Pastor Nominating Committee Information

Pastor Nominating Committee           


A big step was taken on the weekend of November 21st and 22nd. We can now see Westminster in a different and more certain light. Reverend K.O. Noonoo showed us his love for Christ, and we are excited to join him on this spiritual and faithful journey into our future. We are ready to move ahead with K.O. at the helm and begin a new and exciting time at Westminster.


K.O. was an early favorite of our committee. He checked all the boxes for everything we felt was needed for our church. That being said, we continued looking at other candidates to see what was out there and make sure we didn’t miss any other prospects. We felt there really wasn’t anyone who fit so nicely for our church. We engaged in conversation with K.O. and with every visit, we became even more convinced that he was a gift to us—an answer to our prayers.


We want to thank everyone in our congregation for being patient with us as we navigated through all the requirements to do the search correctly and with solid diligence to reach the culmination on the 22nd of November. We, as the PNC of Westminster, are pleased that you, as a congregation, voted him in so overwhelmingly. 


For the last fourteen years K.O. has served as head pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Pittsburg, Kansas. He is an experienced pastor and understands many of the difficulties that churches are going through right now. He is a very caring person, with great communication skills.  Our PNC will continue to meet with K.O. to help make the transition to Westminster as seamless as possible.   


Thank you, Westminster, and let’s start looking at the bright new future that lies ahead for all of us.