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Give Thanks, with words and deeds

What are you thankful for? How will you in the days ahead, share your gratitude?

These two questions have been on my mind, not just because Thanksgiving is coming, but to wrap my heart and head around the consternation going on in our world, country and communities. Climate change, Covid-19 Pandemic, political chaos, truth verses outright lies, despair verses hope, demise of leadership, breakdown of relationships, and add to all of this, the shaking of the foundations of the Christian faith and church.

I raise these two questions because I am determined, as I know countless others are, as I know you are as well, to give thanks for my manifold blessings, and to order my life and gifts to serve where I can, sharing what I have, making a bit of a difference where God has placed and called me to live in loving relationships and in community with others.

I raise these two questions because even in the midst of the hard realities of the day, I witnessed a grand blessing as the Holy Spirit spoke through the voice of this congregation to call K. O. Noonoo as its Pastor. The past year or so was hard, so too, the work of congregation, the Session, Deacons, and the Pastor Nominating Committee. The year ahead will be just as hard if not more so. Our community, nation and world is crying out for faith, hope and love, for salvation, for resurrection.

As with any blessing, comes the call of faithful stewardship. As you give thanks for your blessings, as you list Westminster and the work it took and the guidance offered by the Holy Spirit in your thanksgiving list, in the days ahead, make sure you also ponder, how will you, in the days ahead, share your gratitude, do all in your power to offer your faithful prayers, time, gifts and money to the purpose and work of the church?

Do not forget, by marking your ballot to call K.O. you also marked your call to partner with him, fellow members and with God, to be a faithful steward and disciple of Jesus, giving thanks and doing all that you can to be a part of God’s beloved community.

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