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Grief to Deep for the Telling

You know the truth behind the words, “Grief too deep for the telling.”

You suffer a loss, especially a loved one, there are no words to say, no words to hear. Deep, within the recesses of your soul there is silence. Deep calls to deep, soul to soul, very life to your life.

Words still fail to express the pain, only a moan, a deep cry rises up from within you, joining in harmony with the moan and cry of a parent of a lost child, of God as Parent, grieving the humiliation and death of God’s child, given out of love, to and for all of creation, for our world, for all who live and move and have their being in and with God.

Out of the tomb of the soul the Spirit moves, words rise up, “Why are you weeping, whom do you seek?” “He has risen!” We know the truth behind these words, “Joy, deep and wide, to tell one and all.

Who is Jesus? The Risen Christ. What does this confession mean? The Risen Christ is in us, with us, one and all, his words, his life, death and resurrection calls us to be his disciple. When are we called to make our confession and live out our lives as faithful disciples? Now and forevermore. Where are we called to live our lives as faithful disciples? Out of the depts of our souls, united with the Risen Christ and in the power of Holy Spirit.

This week let us stand together, and out of the dept of our grief, bear witness and discover the blessings of those who mourn; for lost loved ones. dear friends, and fellow member of Westminster, for Jody Hankammer. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the family will hold a service in the future. We can hold her close and honor her at this coming Sunday Morning Worship on September 13.

As we remember the good life of Jody, let us also lift up and remember those who perished on September 11, 2001 in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers in New York, and all who have fallen is such acts all over the world. Let us remember those who have died in the Covid-19 pandemic, those who suffer from loss of livelihood, a place to live, hunger and neglect. Let us grieve for the loss of life, human dignity and worth through racial cruelty and exploitation, for genocide and slavery and systemic racism. Let us add our deep moans with so many others as we seek to find the right words and actions as disciples of Jesus, to walk the way of sacrificial suffering love, that can indeed raise the dead, overcome or grief, heal our separations and sin, and offer for all, abundant, overflowing, everlasting life.


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