• Pastor Keith

What to Expect June, 21st

We will, Lord willing, resume Sunday Morning Worship on June 21, 10:30 am.

· We ask all to make their decision to attend based on factors that may put you at risk.

· There will be three entrances into the church, where greeters will guide you in practicing safe social distancing.

· All will wear masks.  The air conditioning circulation system will be shut down while building is occupied.  (We will crank it down before people arrive.)

· The service will be adapted to our desire to keep it simple.  Liturgy will be simple, there will be no congregational singing, nor passing of the offering plates.

· The service will be adapted to our desire to keep it safe, including extra sanitation efforts to prepare the building, sanitation stations at each entrance area, areas of the building closed off, water fountains not in use, no fellowship time following worship, people encouraged to practice safe social distancing, people encouraged, if so inclined to socialize after worship outside, taking advantage of the beauty of church gardens and God’s sunshine,

Worship Council and the Session will review our efforts and do all we can to keep it safe, keep it simple.

By this Sunday, work on replacing the carpet and pew cushions in the sanctuary will be complete.  A few pews will be removed, giving us  more space in between the pews.  THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED IN THIS EFFORT!

Our sound system has been updated and repaired.  We will try as well to continue recording our worship service and posting it on our website.  Our website has been redesigned and is up and running.  Patience we are still trying to learn how to manage this site to enhance our communications ministry.  IF YOU ARE SO INCLINED, CALLED OR GIFTED WE ARE LOOKING TO BUILD A COMMUNICATION TEAM FOR OUR CHURCH.  Contact Pastor Koch if you wish more information.

See you Sunday, June 21.  It will be good to be together again!

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