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October 4 & 11, 9:15 am, Chapel, Discussion on Racism & Relicion

It is good and altogether right that in this our time and place in God’s history, we enter into prayerful reflection on matters of systemic racism.

James Baldwin, in 1963, wrote The Fire Next Time. This 128-page book contains two essays, “My Dungeon Shook: Letters to my Nephew on the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Emancipation” and “Down at the Cross: Letter from a Region of My Mind.” The first discuses the place of race in American history. The second, between race and religion.

On Sunday, October 4 and 11, at 9:15, I will lead a discussion on this book, at the church. We will hold this discussion under the rubric of Keep It Safe, Keep It Simple, just as we do Sunday Morning Worship.

We recognize the challenge we face, but believe, just as we have with in person worship, been able to gather safely, respecting social distancing as we enter the church and gather, wearing face masks and sanitizing our hands. We plan on meeting in the chapel, as long as we can maintain social distancing.

You should be able to find a copy of this book in area stores or on line. While it will be most helpful for discussion to have read the book, (it is a real good read, he is a great writer and national treasure) there will be not tests given, and all are most welcome.

On another matter, Session acted on recommendations presented by Elder Steve Bergstrom, to contract with Cteck Media Systems to improve greatly and add on to our equipment in the sanctuary to help us continue virtual worship, sharing services and other offerings. They are the firm that installed our sound system and continues to guide us as we try and adjust our ways in these difficult times.

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