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Seasons Change

There is something about the changing of the seasons that deeply impacts the soul.  Gradually, with determined purpose the world in which we live, the place we call home, lives, moves, and changes.  The heat of summer gradually falls away to the cold of winter; the light of summer gradually falls away to the darkness of winter; the growth of summer gradually falls away to the harvest of winter rest. 

Gradual change allows us an opportunity to slowly take notice, to live in and through and with deep change without and within our souls.  There are chores, tasks, work for us to do; inside, outside and within.  There are simple things; prepare the lawn, garden, shrubs and trees, to fall cleaning chores withing; switching  out summer cloths for winter wear; giving thanks for the harvest and planning ways to enjoy warmth under a favorite blanket.  There are deep things; prepare our souls for the stillness of winter, switching out what we know for the shear silence of contemplation and the blanket of God’s love to cover us in the warmth of faith and hope.

As we enter into the rhythm of changing seasons, ponder as well the rhythm of changing hearts, minds, souls and strength as we seek together the deep impact of “God doing a new thing” in our lives as we fall away from an interim period of life and ministry, into the advent of a new pastor coming alongside to install within us future life and ministry.  There are chores, tasks, work for us to do; inside, outside and within.  Simple things: such as pondering our call to be stewards of our harvest of gifts.  Deep things: letting go with gratitude of the past, of what was and we were as a church, to cloth ourselves in and with the faith and hope that will guide our lives together, Westminster Church, and the beloved community of faith, hope and love that God is ever working toward, and changing all things in heaven and earth to be; now and forever more. 

Congregational Meeting Called for October 25, 2020

A meeting of the congregation is duly called for Sunday, October 25, to take place in the context of Morning Worship.  The purpose of this meeting is to receive a report from the Nomination Committee of the Congregation, offering the following names to serve on the Session and Deacons.

For Deacons: Sybil Wiegman and Ellen Chalk.  For Elders:  Michele Gettler and Marcia Durkes.

Fall Stewardship

This Sunday, October 25 is Reformation Sunday.  On this day we will give thanks and remember the parents of our tradition Martin Luther, and John Calvin.  John Calvin has a special place in the lives of our Presbyterian Heritage.  Did you know that Calvin believed the Offering to be the central point of Morning Worship?  Gathering together, hearing God’s Word proclaimed; culminates in the very heart of not only Morning Worship; but daily discipleship; offering our lives and our gifts and our service to God.

Your faithful stewardship enables us to be called and set apart as the Church, offered to God and the world.   We recognize we are in challenging times and are grateful for your pledges and gifts.  Beginning November 1, with All Saints Sunday, we will set aside this month for giving thanks for the faithful stewardship of so many who have come before us, thanks for our call to faithful stewardship, and offer our pledges and gifts as our legacy for those who will follow in our footsteps.

Let Us Pray For:

  • The family of Bobby James who died 10/15/2020.  Bobby’s service will be Friday, October 23, 2020 at Westminster at 4 pm-Viewing, followed by service at 5 pm.  Inurnment will be on Saturday, family only at 1 pm. 

  • The family of Roger Zlatnik who died September 29, 2020

We Continue to Pray For:

  • Jamie Ireland and Susan Friend as they receive treatment for cancer.

  • Marcus Bayless is at home waiting for a bone marrow transplant.  

  • Alyce Gannaway and Sarah Hines are coping with ongoing health issues.

  • Everyone impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Our church, pastor, elders, deacons, and the Pastor Nominating Committee.

  • Nancy Dutton's friends Barbara Oliva and Jerry Pennington were injured in the motorcycle wreck and are now recuperating at home

  • TaRon Graham is healing & resting at home after his heart surgery. He is attending school remotely.

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