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Sudden Thoughts and Second Thoughts

Sudden Thoughts and Second Thoughts…..

What does the Bible, the Book of Confessions of the Presbyterian Church, the Book of Order, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights have in common?

They are written documents that reveal the identity, purpose, and work of human being (a distinct species of salient being that share a common DNA and biological makeup set apart and distinct from other species) who live in community, in the public realm; in a “world” “reality” human beings, people create, who live and move and have their being in, on and together on what we call “planet earth.”

They are rooted and grounded in the history of a people, bound together in time, place, space. in a common story, history.

They are living documents of value. They hold authority over the actions and words of people who live in community. They govern our public realm and order our human created and organized “world” our “country” our “communities” our “institutions” the norms and morals and common laws.

They are living documents, timeless. They hold authority by declaring what is good, right, and true.

They are living documents that hold us accountable, responsible, as unique individuals living in consort, in community with one another. They guide individuals to score, mark, what is worthy, of great value, that beckons, calls, and leads us to serve the common good, even above and beyond our own personal good.

On this particular day, given our unique and demanding time and place in human history; Juneteenth, in the year 2020, aware of the headlines, the news of the day, take a moment and ponder, “What does it mean to be a disciple, to live as a follower of Jesus, in the realm of God?” What does it mean to be a citizen, to live in community, in the United States of America?

We need as disciples, as members of Westminster, a distinct and unique community of people, bound together by our call and pledge to be a church, a people who live, move and have their being in the realm of God, to say what we believe and live by what we confess. Our statements of faith guide us as we move into God’s future, taking on such tasks as worshipping, serving, living, loving one another, even in the midst of our conflict, confusion and fears over the health, work and indeed future of the church.

What is our purpose, our work as a church? By what authority will we be governed in our common life, in our worship, mission, stewardship, in calling a pastor, in moving into the future, even in times like ours.

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