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You Cannot Be All Things to All People

Monday Morning, August 3 , 2020

You cannot be all things to all people. These words of wisdom are attributed to Joseph Abbound, American Fashion Designer. He used these words to guide his work. He believed if you tried, you would compromise your core values, gifts, and purpose.

I find these words most helpful as I ponder the great challenges at hand.

I cannot be all things to all people, for if I make this my core value, if I align my gifts and purpose to this value, I end up sorely divided, diminished, and overwhelmed.

As a church, we cannot be all things to all people, for if we make this our core value, if we align our gifts and purpose to this value, we please no one, help no one, we spread ourselves so thin we end up striving to do many things, failing to do a few things central to our calling, and for Westminster, we say that is, Sharing God’s Love.

If police officers are burdened to do many things for many people, it becomes for them difficult to carry out their core mission.

If educators, administrators and support staff of a school are overwhelmed with all of the social and family ills, expected to take on roles of childhood insecurities from having a safe home, breakfast and dinner, and being the only place where they are safe, then they can’t do what they are meant to do, educate.

If elected officials care only about trying to be all things to all people to get elected, they lose sight of their responsibilities to uphold the Constitution and carry out their role as leaders.

In the days ahead, make a list of your core values, your gifts and a short sentence of your purpose, your calling. Share your list and sentence with someone close to you, to gain their thoughts and to hold you accountable to what you value most.

In the days ahead, make a list of core values, gifts and a short sentence of what you discern to be our purpose, calling as Westminster Presbyterian Church. If so inclined, share your list and sentence with an elder, deacon, or me, as pastor, so that in these difficult times we may be held accountable to our higher calling and design our church in accordance with God’s will.


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