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We are a Hunger Action Congregation

We have joined the faithful ranks of churches around the country that respond with compassionate action to end hunger in a country and world that have the potential to feed everyone.

Through our local hunger ministry commitment, and as a recognized PC(USA) Hunger Action Congregation, we march side by side with other Presbyterians committed to alleviating hunger and to addressing the prejudices, practices, and policies that undergird a system that perpetuates hunger and poverty in even this rich country, the United States. We pray God uses this network of Hunger Action Congregations to share best practices, to communicate challenges and celebrations, and to multiply the effect each of us can have in our own neighborhoods to a much broader impact.

Because our congregation is active in all six areas of hunger response, we were bestowed the special designation of Certified Hunger Action Congregation. These six areas where we are active are:

  1. Hunger Alleviation

  2. Development Assistance

  3. Hunger Education

  4. Lifestyle Integrity

  5. Corporate and Public Policy Witness

  6. Worship

Together, let us continue to reach out to those who hunger in our own community, including those who may be sitting near us in our own congregation, and may we respond to larger national and global hunger concerns as well.

If you would like to read about the annual Food Week of Action and World Food Day, visit To find resources about hunger, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and national and international campaigns that tackle root causes of hunger visit


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