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Meet Our Pastor

Reverend K.O. Noonoo

It is my honor to serve as pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church. I began my appointment here on February 1, 2021.

(620) 404-0182

Reverend K.O. Noonoo

I was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. My wife Anna and I have been married since November 1995 and have three children, Betty, Emma, and Caleb. We met during our undergraduate work at Jamestown College, in Jamestown, North Dakota. Yes, it was cold up there and indeed a big cultural shock to travel from Ghana to North Dakota.


Born to educator parents, I am one of five children. My call to ministry came through fellow students with whom I shared fellowship, prayer, and study while in high school. However, I resisted the call to full-time Christian ministry until 1997 in Chicago, Illinois. 


I am a peacemaker-disciple who enjoys making disciples. My great passion is doing the work of reconciliation. Anyone can relate well when all is going well. Jesus prayed for the oneness of those who follow Him (John 17: 20-21). In the face of hurt feelings, misunderstanding, and outright meanness, the testimony of the church is at stake. I find great joy in helping restore that which is broken. For me, the ministry of reconciliation includes living God’s love and sharing the good news with others so that they also may know and live God’s love. It is a great honor to be invited to put one’s life at the disposal of others, to help them take their next steps of faith with God. This makes my heart sing.


I am an extrovert who has grown to appreciate silence and solitude. I enjoy cooking and dining with friends. My hobbies include walking our dog Jeepers, playing racquetball, bike-riding, and enjoying nature. I truly enjoy studying scripture and presenting it in a way that is helpful for daily living. There are many challenges in life, but we need not face them alone. Help and hope abound through the presence of the Holy Spirit and Scripture. Be of good cheer.

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